Our Approach

HEAL Charity


100% of your donations are used to cover the cost of our humane programs, education and the costs of rescuing and rehabilitating our animals.”


Making the world a more EMPATHETIC place. H.E.A.L. Sanctuary partners with animal advocates, shelters, and other non-profits in the field of animal welfare and humane education to create a kinder world and promote the human-animal bond.”

H.E.A.L. Sanctuary

H.E.A.L. Sanctuary

(Humanity, Empathy & Animal Love) Sanctuary is to be located on a serene and picturesque 179 acres in upstate NY. Our goal is to build a new home and play area for our rescued dogs, and other abandoned companion animals, giving them a second chance at life and a purpose to HEAL humans. Our rescues at H.E.A.L. Sanctuary will be given the incredible chance to heal, recuperate and recover from their trauma, rediscover the joy of living and running free, the comfort of a warm bed, healthy food, and medical attention when needed. They will be safe with us for life.”



We currently need funding for three specific programs. Your donations are allocated and directly deployed as per the cause you choose. HEAL SANCTUARY: Capital Raise for Doggie Bunkhouse and Barn; EMPATHY CONNECTION: Humane Education Programs for Youth at our Sanctuary and Offsite; ANIMAL LOVE: Joey’s Elder Paws Rescue, where “Every Dog Matters”