Grants to Rescues

Rescue Programs Funded by ♥Joey & Oreo HEAL Grants

“Every Dog Matters”  under our Animal Love mission, but our focus is on assisting rescues with programs that help bully and large breeds, specifically middle-aged-to-senior (4+ years of age), dark/ brindle/black colored, and bonded dogs.

Joey & Oreo HEAL (JOH) grants to animal rescue organizations fund: spay/neuter programs; medical expenses; rescue and placement of senior, bonded, owner surrenders and long-stay shelter dogs (6+months); prevention programs for owner surrenders and chained dogs; and, pet food pantries.

Eligibility Requirements

Your organization must meet the following criteria:

• 501(c)(3) tax exemption as defined by the IRS;
• Total revenue of under $200,000 annually;
• No salaries, other compensation, and benefits paid to founder(s) and/or immediate family;
• Willing to host an on-site visit by a H.E.A.L Foundation board member.

The first step in applying for a grant is to send us a letter of introduction on your group letterhead and with an original signature by an authorized representative, including:

1. A short history and purpose of your organization;
2. Most recent tax return;
3. Brief description of the project where you would like help; and,
4. The amount of funding you are seeking. Please note we do not give grants in excess of $2,000.

This letter can be emailed to us at as a PDF or Word doc. attachment. We accept Letters of Introduction only in the first month of each calendar quarter (January, April, July, and October). After review, possible grant recipients will receive applications for completion. You will receive a response only if there is a possibility of a grant. We regret that we cannot fund every project submitted. We thank you for your efforts and hard work in caring for the animals. Together we will H.E.A.L!