Pet Owners

Financial Assistance to Pet Owners 

Our Joey & Oreo HEAL (JOH) Grants  program operate under our Humanity mission where we help address human issues underlying canine suffering and economic euthanasia. We provide financial assistance to owners of  dogs requiring vet care, so pets and families can stay together. #KeepingBFFsTogether

JOH Grants covers most categories of veterinary treatment, EXCEPT routine health care. Funding is only available for spayed and neutered dogs and will be limited to a $1,000 limit per applicant. Funding may be less than that amount depending on the funds needed and the funding available. We expect pet parents to cover a minimum 25% of the vet bill. Applying for Care Credit (, Scratchpay ( and discussing a payment plan with your veterinarian are prerequisites for eligibility.


Please fill out our Application OR email with the following information:

  1. Your dog’s age, breed, neuter status and photograph;
  2. Brief description of your dog’s medical needs;
  3. Financial estimate of the treatment required from your veterinarian;
  4. Proof of financial need, including copies of last two tax returns, last two months of pay stubs, SSI Disability, Medicaid, etc.;
  5. Proof of denial of Care Credit or Scratchpay; and,
  6. Phone number where you can be reached.

Immediately after, your application will be reviewed and possible financial assistance recipients will be contacted. We regret it is not possible to fund every request submitted, as we receive several on a daily basis and typically have a waitlist. We thank you for caring for your four-legged best friends.♥