Addressing the Human Suffering behind Canine Homelessness 


Shelters are besieged with requests for help from struggling pet owners desperate to keep their pets. Some common themes behind pet surrenders, where owners are: not able to afford veterinary care; moving to temporary housing that do not allow pets; facing short-term medical needs requiring hospitalization or rehab stays; being deployed overseas on military duty; domestic violence victims fearing for the safety of their pets, etc.

Our Humanity mission addresses the human issues underlying animal homelessness and suffering, and thereby reduce the number of companion animals entering the shelter system. We HEAL pets and families with the help of our two PET RETENTION initiatives:

Joey & Oreo HEAL (JOH) Grants

They walk with you through thick and thin, and to consider surrendering your four legged best friend(s) because you cannot afford their medical care is a heartbreaking situation no pet owner should have to face. Our Joey & Oreo HEAL grants provide financial assistance to owners of dogs requiring veterinary care, so pets and families can stay together. Please consider donating, so we can keep family pets out of shelters in their forever homes.

Future H.E.A.L. (Humanity, Empathy & Animal Love) Sanctuary 

Our future “H.E.A.L. Sanctuary” is to be located on a serene and picturesque 179 acres in upstate NY. We intend to reduce canine homelessness by keeping pets and families together by offering temporary boarding/foster at our H.E.A.L. Sanctuary during periods of acute crisis (domestic abuse, deployment, incarceration, hospitalization/medical treatment/hospice care, housing crisis/housing transition/emergency homelessness sheltering). We will work NY Metropolitan Area shelters to provide a temporary boarding program for such pets, with the ultimate goal of reuniting them with their owners, without ever having entered the shelter system.