What We Do & Why?

“Love rarely touches the reasoning parts of the brain. It touches the dreamy parts, the devoted parts—it touches the parts we sometimes call the heart. For many thousands of years, it’s there that our dogs have lived.”

Excerpted from TIME How Dogs Think: Inside the Canine Mind

We envisage a world where every dog has a loving and safe forever home. Where we teach our younger generation to be kind, humane and empathetic; to appreciate our unique bond with dogs and create a world free of violence. Where no owner has to give up a four legged best friend for lack of funds for veterinary care. Where there are no dogs in shelters, on the streets, in chains or victims of abuse.

Please help us HEAL Someone’s Best Friend

They walk with us through thick and thin, and to consider surrendering your four legged best friend(s) because you cannot afford their medical care is a heartbreaking situation no pet owner should have to face.  Joey & Oreo HEAL Grants provide financial assistance to owners of dogs requiring veterinary care, so pets and families can stay together. Please consider donating to Pet Families in Need, so we can keep family pets out of shelters in their forever homes.

Though it’s difficult to estimate the total number of stray animals in the U.S., the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says that 7.6 million enter shelters each year: 3.9 million dogs and 3.4 million cats. More than a million households are forced to relinquish their pets each year — 26% of which are due to owners unable to afford their medical care. Almost 40% of owners who make less than $50,000 a year say that low-cost veterinary care could have made a difference between keeping their pet and having to give it up.

We are able to pet families in need by raising money that is distributed to families and animal rescue groups to help dogs that are most in need. We conduct interviews and check references to determine eligibility for funding. These funds are raised through public donations; we are not a privately endowed foundation.