Your tribute to a loved pet is memorialized here. We dedicate our Virtual Rainbow Bridge to all those beloved companions that are no longer with us in this world, but live on forever in our hearts. 

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Roy was the sweetest dog I have ever owned, and I have had a number of very sweet ones. There was just something about his face, with those sad eyes, and his gentle demeanor. I never once saw him get mad or even annoyed.
He came to us at age 2+ through Larchmont Pet Rescue after he was saved from a shelter in South Carolina. When we adopted him, he was infected with heartworm, and we went through eight weeks of treatment to save his life. He was supposed to stay on “cage rest,” but he hated being confined to a crate with the door closed, and he chewed through the latch. So we let him sleep on a pillow in our bedroom and tried to keep him quiet.
He recovered fully from the heartworm and lived eight wonderful years with me, my husband, and our two sons. In the last year and a half of his life, he started going lame and wound up needing spinal surgery. He struggled valiantly to recover and eventually regained his ability to walk with the help of a harness.
One day, I saw he was unable to stand, and I rushed him to the vet. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she gave him some medicine and suggested we take him home for a night to see if it helped.

He died that night on his pillow at the foot of our stairs, sparing us the need to go through the always traumatic experience of euthanasia. That was Roy — sweet and loving to the end.