TeachH.E.A.L♥ to Build up our Youth

H.E.A.L. (Humanity, Empathy, Animal Love) Foundation aims to address the root causes of violence and cruelty in society by BUILDING UP OUR YOUTH through humane education and participation in our TeachH.E.A.L programs. The goal of our animal-human bonding programs is to cultivate EMPATHY and compassion in children and youth towards animals, and foster respect for other human beings.

We believe that companion animals offer a multitude of positive physical, cognitive and emotional benefits for children. Positive relationships with companion animals lead to the development of trusting and respectful relationships with other humans. Interaction and caring for animals provides a strong level of camaraderie, mutual respect, and responsibility, essential skills for our youth to function and contribute in life.

For more information on our TeachH.E.A.L. Programs, please email us at info@healfoundationusa.org