Our Animal Statistics

While we do not truly match the Basic Data Matrix used by Shelter Animals Count very well, “EVERY DOG MATTERS” at Joey’s Elder Paws Rescue. Founded in December 2016, we are committed to reducing euthanasia rates across shelters and fostering innovation in adoption through our two major initiatives.
H.E.A.L. (Healing with Empathy and Animal Love) Sanctuary in upstate NY, is home to abandoned seniors and bonded dogs for life and also for rescue group and owner requested temporary fosters. Through our H.E.A.L.ing programs with humans, we aim to find that perfect forever home for our “permanent” residents.
Joey’s Fund, our give-back grant program,  is committed to saving lives and keeping pets out of shelters by helping families, and approved rescue groups pay for veterinary bills and rehabilitation expenses.

According to Asilomar Live Release Rate, our Save Rate is 97.4%
​Formula: Live Outcomes divided by All Outcomes minus Unhealthy/Untreatable


YTD 2017 Animals Rescued
A. H.E.A.L. Sanctuary Intake (for life)
Dogs: 20
Cats: 4
Total: 24
B. Short-term Fosters for Dogs
Owner/Guardian: 4
Rescue Groups: 16
Total Dogs: 20
C. Veterinary Bills / Rehabilitation Expenses for Dogs
Owner: 12
Rescue Groups: 21
Total Dogs: 33

D. H.E.A.L. Sanctuary Residents Adopted Out
Dogs: 5
Cats: 0
E. Short-term Fosters Returned Home
Owner/Guardian: 4
Rescue Groups: 16
Total Dogs: 20
F. Dogs Died (due to old age or medical reasons) / Lost
Dogs: 2
Cats: 0

TOTAL OUTCOME: 77 Rescued that found their forever home at H.E.A.L. Sanctuary, with a family or rescue