Best Friends Forever “Fred and Wilma”

Fred is a senior, but at the age of 10, he still has a lot of life left to live!!! Fred’s owner discovered a lump on his neck. She is disabled and has fallen on very difficult times and NEEDED OUR HELP to save Fred!!! 😿
Fred haD a large mass on his neck, which was suspected to be life-threatening if not addressed!!!! He was in DESPERATE need of surgery to remove the mass, which was infected and became painful.
Then Fred’s “tumor” burst and he had to be rushed to the ER. The vet was amazing and figured it was not a tumor, but an abscess that got swollen and infected. She made an incision and drained out the fluid. Fred is doing and feeling so much better. His mom and fur sister Wilma are thrilled to have him home. THANK YOU for donating towards and sharing Fred’s plight! 🙏🏻