Camo’s Success Story Provides Hope to Other Families

🐾Camo is a 👉 #JoeyAndOreoHEALGrant 👈recipient. He was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer 😿and is undergoing expensive chemotherapy with an great prognosis. Camo’s mom thanks all our supporters and donors and wrote“To receive support for Camo’s cancer treatment is absolutely amazing.🙏 There are so many dogs in need right now and we are SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN receive support. Camo has been 🙌my right-hand man and best friend since I was in high-school🙌 He has seen every part of me growing up and has come along for most of the adventures. Camo is such a happy, loving dog and its incredibly hard 💔to see him have to go through this. We have created such a large community through social media by sharing our journey. We have been able to answer questions and emotionally support those going through similar situations this year. We want to see Camo become a success story to provide hope for other families and it is truly only possible through donors like you. We are incredibly blessed and cannot wait to share his story as we go! Thank you so much for what you do.” 😍