Joey’s Fund helped Layla’s family with veterinary bills for her TPLO surgery to fix her torn cruciate or the alternative could have been euthanasia because she already had a bad leg. In Layla’s mom’s own words when seeking funds to help Layla “Then I picked her up from the vet and brought her home and took one look at her and burst into tears. All of the pain she is in right now and she still can’t help but wag her tail and limp over to me just to lick my face like she’s done for the past 6 years whenever she sees mommy cry. It occurred to me that she’s not just been some dog but my friend. She’s seen us at our worst and at our best and forever faithful greeting us every day we come home with unconditional love no matter what. She’s our family, our friend, our furry child, our forever faithful wagging her tail to greet us with kisses when we come home. We need to do this for her. So this is us asking for help and asking for prayers so she can get the surgery and help she needs.” Layla underwent surgery and is now resting and healing at home with her family.