Meet “Khushi” our newest HEALer

Meet ❤Khushi❤ our newest HEALer and a recipient of  The Joey & Oreo HEAL Fund. She came in today to visit one of our volunteers at her office! KHUSHI, which means joy or happiness in Hindi, has had anything but a happy life. This ADORABLE SENIOR, was found ~5 years ago in a parking lot with ribs showing. ? A man, who works in maintenance at our volunteer’s office, found her and took her home. We think he tried to breed her but thankfully couldn’t!!! This man then split up with the woman he was living with and she kept Khushi and pretty much neglected her. As you can see Khushi got heavy because she probably was never walked. Anyways, fast forward four years, the woman calls the maintenance guy and says she is moving and cannot take Khushi. This made us so sick ? The Maintenance man can’t take her because his wife won’t let him (typical!). A co-worker, who has a big heart, took in Khushi to help her find a home. She cannot keep her long term as she lives in an apartment building that does not allow dogs.

Our good Samaritan loves Khushi and was in tears last week because she noticed KHUSHI HAS A HARD BUMP around one of her nipples. She is afraid it’s cancer and cannot afford treatment. THIS IS WHERE WE STEPPED IN TO COVER KHUSHI’S MEDICAL TREATMENT. She had a preliminary visit to the vet and is now waiting for a surgical appointment at Tuft’s. We’re hoping #SweetieAtHEAL’s good luck will rub off on Khushi and she will soon by HEALed!!? Please keep Khushi in your thoughts and prayers!!! We will keep you posted on her health. All medical expenses will be covered by us. If you are interested in adopting this sweetheart, please download our adoption application at