Save Simon

Today we had the honor to drive Simon for the first leg of his freedom journey to The Devoted Barn. Simon had been incarcerated at the Guilford, CT animal shelter for almost two years for PROTECTING his home. It was a bittersweet moment for Simon’s family, who never gave up on getting him freed. ❤️💔

Simon was THRILLED to get out of the shelter and jumped right into the car. But when he saw his family walk away he started howling. It was truly, truly heart wrenching!!! The same old story of dogs being taken away from their owners under CT’s antiquated animal control laws. #JusticeForRose #FreeKatoAndKleo and now #SaveSimon. So many others we don’t know about and cannot advocate for….WHEN WILL THIS STOP? WHEN?? 👿

SIMON IS FINALLY FREE!! We should be happy, but our tears haven’t stopped at the unfairness of it all. 😥We wish Simon the best on his journey. THANK YOU to Coco Ring, who spearheaded this effort to #SaveSimon. Ken Bernhard of Cohen and Wolf, P.C. Most of all to the loving and so very dignified Dr. Young and family, who fought so hard for Simon and today let him walk away from them to freedom.