Sweetie’s Tumor Surgery a Success

We want to thank all our supporters and donors, for giving a chance at life to Sweetie. There was no hope for her without you. A SENIOR DOG IN A HIGH-KILL MUNICIPAL POUND WITH A HUGE TUMOR ON HER NECK. We’re so happy to report that Sweetie is recovering nicely. She finally ate a full meal today with her meds to the relief of her worried foster mom. Sweetie has a big incision and is probably in a lot of pain, but we can only imagine how relieved she must be to be rid of that 2+lb tumor hanging around her neck. We’re still waiting for the biopsy report, so please continue to keep this sweet girl in your thoughts and prayers.

Sweetie was rescued from the Waterbury pound on April 13 and is in a foster home. True to her name. she is the sweetest pup ever, despite the discomfort the big tumor on her neck must be causing her. She will soon feel as good as new after her surgery. Sweetie is about 5-6 years old and IS KID AND DOG FRIENDLY. She was found as a stray sitting and watching some kids play soccer in a park. SHE IS EXTREMELY WELL-BEHAVED, HOUSEBROKEN AND WALKS BEAUTIFULLY ON THE LEASH. We believe she was definitely a family dog before being abandoned.