Waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge

Our mission is HEAL🐾. Humanity. Empathy. Animal Love. Our #JoeyAndOreoHEALFund operates under our “Humanity” mission where we help address human issues underlying animal suffering and homelessness. 😥

A few days ago, Marie R. our board member and volunteer extraordinaire was approached by an acquaintance for help to get his senior dog euthanized as he could not afford it. He’d had Samantha, a large breed GS mix, since she was a puppy and it was time to let her go. 💔

We helped cover the bill to let Samantha go over the rainbow bridge. This is what her owner wrote “Thank you ever so much. I do appreciate it. This hasn’t been a good year. I lost my home my wife. My marriage. My dog. Again thank you for showing me mercy. Have a good day.”😥💔

That afternoon this beautiful rainbow appeared in honor of Samantha. RIP sweet girl! You are very much missed. ❤️